It’s hard to break bad habits like smoking, nail-biting or that midnight walk to the fridge you will regret the morning after. Over decades scientists and psychologists have been working on methods to save people from their addictions, so it’s no surprise wearables are jumping on the behavior modification train. Meet Pavlok, a habit changing […]

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Smartwear by Opening Ceremony

Although smartwear is still early days and just a few fashion brands or retail stores are embracing this technology, Opening Ceremony is definitely an early adapter. OC is a global community with outposts in New York, London, Los Angeles, a department store in Tokyo, a wholesale showroom, an in-house clothing line, a blog, an e-commerce […]

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you come across an app like Instapray. The app which sounds a lot like Instagram and kinda looks like it, is a “social prayer network” for people from all over the world. I made an account for a couple of days to see what it’s about and […]

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When you hear about wearables, it’s mostly about fitness bracelets, Google-glass like concepts or smart watches. But why not take wearables to the next level when it comes to technology and fashion? Neclumi is an alluring projection-based interactive necklace that could take jewellery into a new decade of design. At this moment, the Neclumi is […]

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Tinder guerrilla tactics

As lots of people are seeking for the partner of their dreams (or some casual flirts) on Tinder, advertising creatives are infiltrating the dating app with their own hidden agenda. It’s quite clever, though it’s not always conform to Tinder’s regulations, but hey, that’s why it’s called Guerrilla advertising. Not only brands or NGO’s are […]

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