Are drones the new fireworks?

As drones are getting more popular and its techniques more advanced, the possibilities to use them in art installations, light shows and advertising seem to get more popular by the day. In 2012 Saatchi & Saatchi already featured a troupe of 16 drones (also referred as unmanned aerial vehicles or quadrocopters) to dance to and […]

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Who doesn’t love Japan and its futuristic gadgets? The Necomimi is a funny new communication tool created by Neurowear, a project team based in Tokyo. How does it work? This wearable, which is a cat’s ear shaped machine, utilizes your brainwaves and expresses your emotional state before you even start talking. When you put on […]

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Kickstarter is always a great source of inspiration and a pleasant insight to the future. In the spirit of Halloween I thought it would be nice to introduce you to the world of EYEteleportation. How would you feel if you could move your eyes up or down and confuse your brain a bit? Well, this […]

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Your future self

How would you feel about talking to your aged self in 2034? Which questions would you ask yourself? Orange started quite an intriguing campaign called futureself. I did the test, logged on to the the site, uploaded a selfie and tried to adjust the lines to my face, which I thought I did really well. […]

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Smart highway

Welcome to the highway of the future. Smart highway, a project by Studio Roosegaarde, installs lengthy lines who charge at daytime so they can glow at night. Your highway experience has never been so poetic. You can check out the pilot of Glowing Lines at N329 in Oss (NL). editorial update 29-10-14: They have also […]

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