When you hear about wearables, it’s mostly about fitness bracelets, Google-glass like concepts or smart watches. But why not take wearables to the next level when it comes to technology and fashion? Neclumi is an alluring projection-based interactive necklace that could take jewellery into a new decade of design. At this moment, the Neclumi is […]

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Tinder guerrilla tactics

As lots of people are seeking for the partner of their dreams (or some casual flirts) on Tinder, advertising creatives are infiltrating the dating app with their own hidden agenda. It’s quite clever, though it’s not always conform to Tinder’s regulations, but hey, that’s why it’s called Guerrilla advertising. Not only brands or NGO’s are […]

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Aerial 3D

Japan has always been on top of the digital game and here’s another player who could change the world as we know it. Burton Inc., based in Japan, has developed a true aerial 3D display by using Laser plasma technology. No need for a screen, the images and text can appear in mid-air. The intent […]

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A/T/O/S remixes jewellery

This is an exciting project filling the gap between jewellery and music. When Bande des Quatres (a boutique jewellery line) contacted one of Deep Medi‘s smoothest electronic duo’s called A Taste of Struggle (A/T/O/S in short) for a dj set on their website, the band responded with a much better proposition. Why not sample their […]

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Drone cult movie

The porn industry has always been an early adapter when it comes to digital. After Youporn and the rise of GO-PRO adult films, they might just be a heartbeat away from discovering the possibilities of using drones to capture even more exciting scenes. The Brooklyn, NY-based directing duo Brandon LaGanke and John Carlucci from Ghost […]

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No, you are awake, science fiction just became reality. No more wandering around to see where you’ve parked your car once you’ve arrived at the airport. Now you can fly and drive to your destination without switching vehicles. Yes, the aeromobil is the real thing, an automobile that transforms into an airplane and back, all […]

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